I went on an afternoon beach ride. I had my own guide, Esteban, who was awesome, and a very nice horse, Gitano. Esteban knew many plants and animals around the ranch and really took care of my preferences and the horses well being.

For a refresher we stopped at a palm tree and Esteban got some coconut, the one I chose, and opened it for a nice drink on the beach.

The whole place was run very professionally, clean and great.

Clear recommendation!!!


Mi marido y yo contratamos el tour de las 9 de la mañana. Cuando llegamos ya estaban nuestros caballos preparados. Nos explicaron las pautas y comenzamos la ruta con Esteban. Nos sorprendió todo lo que aprendimos durante la ruta, ya que pensábamos que simplemente íbamos a pasear, pero Esteban es un gran profesional y estuvo compartiendo sus conocimientos con nosotros.

El sendero es precioso y tiene salida a la playa, en la que pudimos cabalgar, ver iguanas y otros animales.. y tuvimos la gran suerte de ver un cocodrilo entrando en el mar!!!, sin duda lo recomendamos… y si alguna vez volvemos por la zona repetiremos seguro!

Destacamos la amabilidad y profesionalidad del personal, tenemos un gran recuerdo de esa mañana!

Miriam & José

We did this and we’re so glad that we did! Our guide claimed to not speak a lot of English, but I think he was just being shy, because he did great! The animals were mostly hiding the day that we went, but we did see some Howler Monkeys and a few others. We did see about 5 million ants & their HUGE ant hills, beautiful butterflies, a lot of animal tracks, a poison dart frog, blue shrimp and several things we don’t have here in the states. The walk was hilly, and I did fall once, but my pride was all that got hurt.

It was an excellent experience & we learned a lot.


Of many experiences we had in Costa Rica, this rated as one of the highest. Unlike Horse rides in other countries I have had we found we had quite a free reign with the horses, although we were advised the keep in an orderly line at the start, we found it we could handle the horses we were able to have a bit more fun. We headed off on a trail for about 20 to 30 minutes which took us onto the beach. Unfortunately at the time we went it was quite cloudy so no sunset, but it was still a fantastic experience. Once on the beach, more experienced riders were given the option to move ahead of the group and gallop along the beach, we then combined and had a short ride through the waves before heading back.

An experience I will remember for a very long time.

Colin P